e-mix Pro

e-mix Pro 5.6

Professional sound mixing by MIDI controllers or mouse

E-mix Pro offers all the necessary functions for professional mixing. This software program can be controlled by one of the common MIDI controllers or easily controlled by a mouse.

This tool runs on most common Windows operating systems and supports all major formats such as DirectShow and mp1200 console. E-mix Pro displays audio and video play-back and has players such as monitor-player and jingle-player.

This tool also has a playlist, and database. With e-mix Pro, you can auto-mix, produce effects, equalize, mix, record and rip. This product offers a wave and beat-grid view.

It also provides video support, a navigator and a multilingual skin. With every feature you have multiple options to produce a professional sound for mp3 lovers, new DJs, bars, small discos or any venue that wants to mix sound without a large financial investment.

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